Nihon Servier

Fire-safety behavior FAQ

1. Outbreak of fire! What to do first?

1-1 Alert everyone around, call 119
Calling memo
1-2 Try fire fighting for early extinction
1-3 (In case of failure of firefighting) immediately evacuate outside

2. Outbreak of fire! Call – initial firefighting - evacuation

2-1 Reaction at the fire breaking
1. The finder shouts loudly " FIRE!" to alert everyone around.
2. Sound a fire alarm(or a fire alarm automatically responds).
3. Confirm the point of the fire.
4. Initial extinction activity with fire extinguisher and dial 119.
5. When the flame reaches the ceiling, immediately evacuate outside.
2-2 Notes at evacuation
Cover your mouth with a wet towel and do not inhale the smoke. Move in a posture as low as possible. Evacuate to a lower level.
If someone falls behind, rescue that person.
Call over after evacuation.